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Breast Cancer Coalition Tours NCI

A group of 145 members of the National Breast Cancer Coalition traveled to NIH recently to get a glimpse of breast cancer research and treatment facilities at the National Cancer Institute and the National Naval Medical Center. Many of the members from around the United States stayed an extra day at the end of their annual Advocacy Training Conference held in Washington, D.C., to attend a scientific presentation and tour coordinated by NCI's Office of Liaison Activities and the Division of Clinical Sciences.

NBCC members visit their exhibit, "The Face of Breast Cancer: A Photographic Essay," on display in the Clinical Center's balcony atrium.

NBCC members gathered with NCI breast cancer researchers in Lipsett Amphitheater to hear about gene testing and counseling, gene therapy, novel drug screening approaches, genetic fingerprinting of cancer progression, and prevention. Dr. Alan Rabson, NCI deputy director, welcomed the group. Other speakers included Dr. Edison Liu, director, Division of Clinical Sciences; Dr. Ken Cowan, head, medical breast cancer section; Dr. Patricia S. Steeg, chief, women's cancer section, Laboratory of Pathology; Dr. Lance Liotta, chief, Laboratory of Pathology; Dr. Joanne Zujewski, clinical investigator, medical oncology; and Dr. Ilan Kirsch, acting chair, genetics department, Medicine Branch.

Dr. Edison Liu, director of NCI's Division of Clinical Sciences, presents an overview of breast cancer research and the "Zen of Oncogenes" to 145 members of the National Breast Cancer Coalition in Lipsett Amphitheater.

After the presentations, the NBCC members broke into separate groups to tour the Breast Care Center at National Naval Medical Center, NIH's Clinical Center, and NBCC's "The Face of Breast Cancer: A Photographic Essay" exhibit. On display for a week at the CC, the memorial exhibit pays tribute to women from every state and every walk of life who have died of breast cancer.

Dr. Maria J. Merino (r), chief of Surgical Pathology, NCI, explains how pathology slides are made to NBCC members during their tour of the Clinical Center.

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