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July 11, 2000
Vol. LII, No. 14

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Transplanted New Yorker Finds Excitement at NIH

NIAMS Launches
Program To Address
Health Disparities

New Study Increases Understanding of Imprinting

Health Awareness Fair
Draws Hundreds

NIH Adopts Computer Sanitization Policy — Prevent Embarrassing Memories!

NIH, Mexican Agency
Renew Agreement

NIA Makes Novel
Clone Set Available

NIAAA Employee Day
Draws Crowd

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80th ACD Meeting
Shalala Gives Advisors Frank Summary of Current Events

By Rich McManus

HHS Secretary Donna Shalala dropped in on the 80th meeting of the advisory committee to the NIH director on June 8 to offer encouragement and congratulations on a variety of topics including the FY 2001 budget, NIH's effort to bolster oversight of human gene transfer, the progress of the Human Genome Project, and NIH's initiative to reduce health disparities. She also expanded upon and applauded President Clinton's decision, announced that morning, to extend Medicare coverage to participants in clinical trials, and answered questions in a relaxed and freewheeling session. "You've had me as candid as I've ever been," she enthused at the end of a visit in which she also announced her intention "to leave NIH in the best shape this institution has ever been in."
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'No-Nonsense' School Teams with NIH
Office of the Director Adopts Deal Junior High

By Gerri Adams-Simmons

Photos by Bill Branson

NIH acting deputy director Dr. Yvonne Maddox tours Deal Junior High School with Science Teacher John Spearmon (c) and Assistant Principal Manuel Dacoba.

NIH's Office of the Director has adopted Alice Deal Junior High School in northwest Washington as part of the agency's commitment to introduce students to biomedical research science at an early age. In partnership with the school, NIH will provide enriching experiences that expose students to a variety of health-related science projects and careers that support such science.
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