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R&W Barbecue Raises Money for Children With Cancer

To raise money for Camp Fantastic, the summer camp for children with cancer, the NIH Recreation & Welfare Association held its 15th annual Camp Fantastic Barbecue on June 17, which featured live music from "Streetlife" and appearances from Barbara Britt from Mix 107.3 and the Oriole Bird.

The fete took place on the picnic grounds outside the Bldg. 31 cafeteria, and according to Karen Ciaschi, director of recreation and employment services for R&W, close to 100 NIH employees volunteered their time to help sell tickets, serve food, set up and clean up. Also present were R&W General Manager Randy Schools, and Camp Fantastic medical director, Dr. Stephen Chanock.

Guest chefs at the barbecue included (from l) Randy Schools, R&W general manager, Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID director, Dr. James Snow, Jr., NIDCD director, and Dr. Richard Hodes, NIA director.

Besides organizing fundraisers for children's charities, the nonprofit R&W seeks to contribute to the health and well-being of NIH employees and the immediate community by working with local merchants to make available to them many services that make their life easier at the workplace such as gift shops, fitness centers and discounts that can save an R&W member between $50 and $100 a year. R&W-supported activities also include workshops and dynamics for personal and social improvement and sporting events.

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