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NIAAA's Joseph Weeda Dies

Joseph J. Weeda, Sr., who spent 21 years with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, died June 28 from complications of diabetes. He was 53.

He joined NIAAA as a grants management specialist in 1976, and was promoted to chief of NIAAA's Grants Management Branch in 1983. During his government career, he received several special achievement awards in recognition of his outstanding performance as the institute's grants management officer. Before joining the government, Weeda was an accountant at George Washington University, where he later held the position of assistant comptroller. Subsequently, he was an assistant comptroller at Marriott Corp.

Born in New York and reared in Washington, D.C., Weeda graduated from Benjamin Franklin University and Strayer College. He is survived by his wife, Penelope, two daughters, a son, a stepson, his mother, two brothers, and a sister.

Preschool Teacher Laurie Odenheim Mourned

Laurie Odenheim, a teacher at the NIH Preschool for 18 years, passed away on Tuesday, July 8, in her sleep. Laurie was a skilled musician who spoke several languages. She touched the lives of many children and their families at NIH and will be greatly missed. School officials will be planting a tree in her memory at the preschool on July 31 at 5 p.m. The school invites friends and alumni to join them at that time to remember Laurie.

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