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Day Care Board To Conduct Surveys

The NIH day care oversight board will be conducting three surveys related to day care in the NIH-sponsored day care facilities (Executive Child Development Center, Parents of Preschoolers, Inc., and Childkind). The surveys include an NIH day care survey, a parent survey and a staff survey.

The day care survey will request information from all interested persons in order to assess the current and future day care needs of NIH employees. Information from the survey will be used in planning for the expansion of day care on and off campus. The survey also requests information on the need for adult day care, summer programs, sick child care, before and after school programs, etc.

The day care survey will be distributed by email to everyone with PC access as well as desk to desk. Only one response per family should be submitted, and answers should be returned anonymously.

The parent survey will be addressed to the parents of children enrolled in the three NIH-sponsored day care facilities. The staff survey will seek input from the staff providing day care at the centers. Both will be conducted through the day care centers as part of the board's efforts to assess the quality of day care currently provided in those facilities.

Questions about the NIH day care survey may be directed to G. Bohler, chair of the oversight board, 6-9231. Questions about the parent and staff surveys should be directed to Dr. Ilan Kirsch, 6-0047.

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