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Veterinary Students Spend Day at NIH

Twenty-eight veterinary students from such countries as Australia, Canada, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland and the United States spent a day at NIH recently. They were participants in an annual event organized by NIH's Office of Education that is part of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine's summer leadership program for veterinary students, established in 1990. The program's goal is to facilitate the career progression of individuals with the ability and motivation to become independent research scientists.

Sandra Barnard (Sydney, Australia) and Michael Krahn (c, Hannover, Germany) receive guidance from Dr. Richard Wyatt (r), executive director, NIH Office of Intramural Research, and longtime supporter of the Cornell visit to NIH.

Veterinary students (from l) Amy Cordner (Cornell), Fernando Fukuzato (Oregon State) and April Koich (Cornell) listen to a talk by Dr. Susan Wray, NINDS, on "GnRH-1 Neurons: Nasal Placode to Reproductive Control.

Shown here are John Baker (r, Cambridge, England) and Christiane Wrann (c, Hannover, Germany) with speaker Dr. Robert Donahue, director of the Simian Gene Transfer Program, NHLBI. Other speakers included Dr. Lance Pohl, NHLBI; Dr. Susan Wray, NINDS; Dr. Karl Pfeifer, NICHD; and Dr. Brenda Klaunberg, NINDS.

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