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August 8, 2000
Vol. LII, No. 16

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'Working Draft' of
Human Genome
Announced at White House

NIMH Establishes Outreach, Education Program

Microarrays Offer
Insight Into Aging,
Extended Life Span

NIH Welcomes Summer Undergraduate Students

Frederick Festival
Connects Science, Health

Krulwich Communicates Extraordinarily

Tips on Preventing Childhood Sports Injuries

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Ground Broken for Child Care Center

By Rich McManus

Preschooler Brian Huang takes seriously his groundbreaking duties.

Wearing plastic hardhats and gripping mini-shovels, nine preschoolers from the NIH day care facility in Bldg. 35 helped a similar number of adults break ground recently on the new East Child Care Center, which is being built just east of the Natcher Bldg., near Rockville Pike. Scheduled for completion in April 2001, the 21,000-square-foot center will house some 100 children — about 80 in a pre-kindergarten program, and 20 in kindergarten. The facility will provide a new home for the Parents of Preschoolers, Inc., program in Bldg. 35 for kids ages 2 ½ to 5 ½, which will eventually close due to renovation in that building.
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NIH To Study How Genes Affect Response to Medicines

By Alison Davis

Did you know that according to a recent study, 2 million people were hospitalized in one year alone for reactions to properly prescribed medicines? That certain allergy medicines work wonders for some people but not for others? That a normally safe dose of a certain cancer drug can kill a child who has an unusual gene type?
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