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Vice President Gore Warns of Tobacco Ills

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The greatest health challenge facing the United States today is protecting future generations of Americans from nicotine addiction through smoking, said Vice President Albert Gore (left) at NIDA's July 27-28 "Addicted to Nicotine: A National Research Forum" in Natcher auditorium. Gore said tobacco companies are spending billions of dollars to promote smoking among youth, creating a "deadly addiction." He announced that the Clinton Administration will increase NCI funding for nicotine research by $38 million over the next 2 years.
Dr. Alan I. Leshner (right), NIDA director, said a new study funded in part by NIDA, and published in the July 25 issue of Nature, found some individuals carry a gene variant that may help protect them from becoming addicted to nicotine. "We are very excited about the findings from this study and its implications for understanding and treating nicotine addiction," he said.

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