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August 21, 2001
Vol. LIII, No. 17

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Brain Exhibit Invites Touch, Squeeze

By Constance Burr

Getting Inside Your Head: Two visitors take a hands-on look at the physical aspects of the body's central command through the "Unhinge-A-Brain" interactive display.

Do you know your way around your brain? Kids and adults can take a virtual walk through cerebral megamodels in "Brain: The World Inside Your Head," an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution's Arts and Industries Bldg. You are invited to touch, squeeze, pull, stand on, even walk all over the exhibit, which interprets the latest research on the body's center of thought, emotion, memory and action.
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NIH and Art Careers Blossom Late for Leighty

By Rich McManus

There are probably a lot of people laboring away at unanticipated NIH careers; people who never expected to have to earn a paycheck, but who were forced by circumstance to forge livelihoods. There probably aren't that many, however, whose careers and avocations have blossomed at a comparatively late stage; NIAID's Karen Leighty knows she is among the lucky few. When life handed her rocks, she began chiseling.
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