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10th Annual Student Poster Day Draws Crowd

Photos by Damon Tighe

Hundreds of exhibitors and visitors crowd the Visitor Information Center and lobby in Bldg. 10 for one of the rites of summer — the annual presentation of work completed by NIH's cadre of summer science interns. More than 400 students, from high school to medical school, participated in the 10th annual Poster Day on Aug. 3, sponsored by the Office of Education. They hailed from 31 states, D.C., Puerto Rico and Canada.

Edward Kwon (l) elaborates on his poster, "Neuronal Mechanisms Underlying Visual Search Task," completed at NIMH.

Matt Garin of Williams College, who spent the summer in NCI's Laboratory of Cellular Oncology in Bldg. 37, explains his poster to his mother.

Tamara Johnson (r) shows off her poster, "Physical Activities in Children with Types III and IV Osteogenesis Imperfecta," which emerged from her work in the Clinical Center's department of rehabilitation medicine.

Jose Cordero, a recent graduate of the University of Tampa, explains his poster. He is one of the 10 members of the inaugural class of the new NIH Academy, starting this fall.

Aaron M. Luebbe (r) from the College of Wooster discusses his poster, "Marijuana Use Cessation: Coping Strategies and Their Effectiveness," with Jim Weiffenbach of NIDCR. Luebbe spent the summer in NIDA's clinical pharmacology section.

Le Riggins (center, holding folder), one of the high school students taking part in NIH summer training, discusses her work on a program that will allow researchers to analyze human heredity for various diseases.

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