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NIH Record Study Subjects Sought

Schizophrenia Siblings Sought

An NIMH genetic study seeks to recruit families in which at least
one sibling has schizophrenia. Each sibling who completes the 2
days of extensive testing will be paid $300. Interested families
should contact Mary Weirich, 435-8970 or toll-free at

Men Needed for Arousal Study

University study seeks healthy men, 18-60, for 3-hour laboratory
assessment. The purpose of the study is to gain a better
understanding of factors that affect sexual functioning. Two types of
volunteers are needed: men with erection problems and men without
any sexual problems. A $40 payment is provided. If interested, call
Jay Stone at (301) 295-3672 for more information.

Stress Study Needs Vols

The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences is
recruiting volunteers for a brief research study investigating the
value of educational components relating to stress. This study takes
approximately 2 hours over two visits to the lab. Also, you will
complete some simple "homework" assignments and several
questionnaires. Volunteers should have no current or past
psychological diagnosis or treatment history. Participants will be paid
$50 upon completion of the study. For more information visit or call Darin Lerew at (301)

Get By on Little Sleep?

The NIMH section on biological rhythms is looking for volunteers
ages 18 to 31 who routinely sleep 6 or fewer hours. Volunteers must
have no sleep disturbances or insomnia, plus no history of mental
illness. They must be in good general health and not taking any
medications or birth control pills. The study requires living on the
research unit for 4 consecutive days. For more information call

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