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Commissioned Corps Holds Promotion Ceremony

Promotion ceremonies in Wilson Hall recently honored 37 NIH Public Health Service Commissioned Corps officers. Rear Admiral Richard G. Wyatt, the NIH representative to the surgeon general's policy advisory council, presided. Rear Admiral Kenneth P. Moritsugu, deputy surgeon general, gave the keynote remarks and officiated along with family members and coworkers in the placement of promotion boards for each officer.

Wyatt emphasized the partnership of commissioned officers and civil servants in carrying out the complementing missions of NIH and PHS. "The mission of the NIH and the mission of the Commissioned Corps are and have been linked together for decades. The importance of the corps at NIH and the commitment to officers here are unquestionable and not debatable," he said.

"We are witnessing presently at NIH the efforts of our director, Dr. Elias Zerhouni, in developing a roadmap to help guide research. Likewise, we are witnessing the unveiling of the Secretary's plan to transform the Commissioned Corps to meet the public health and emergency preparedness challenges it faces," Wyatt told the audience of nearly 130 officers, family members and friends. "It is our responsibility to work together to find ways to fit both challenge and mission together meaningfully. To do that, you will be key participants in developing solutions to these issues."

Moritsugu added that the Commissioned Corps is facing a period of exciting transition. "Through the transformation, our Commissioned Corps will increase in size, capability and deployability, with an increased clinical focus. We will be part of that transformation, and through it, our corps will be stronger, more robust and more responsive to the public health needs of our nation for the 21st century."

Officers honored were: Nurse officers Capt. Sheryl Meyers, Cdr. Rosa Clark, Cdr. Melissa Law, Cdr. Colleen Lee, Cdr. Martha Marquesen, Cdr. Lucienne Nelson, Cdr. Susan Orsega, Cdr. Lois Young, Lt. Cdr. Gettie Audain-Norwood, Lt. Cdr. Michelle Bynum, Lt. Cdr. Anissa Davis, Lt. Cdr. Felicia Duffy, Lt. Cdr. Leo Fitzpatrick, Lt. Cdr. Barbara Fuller, Lt. Cdr. Sandra Griffith, Lt. Cdr. Lois Hunter, Lt. Cdr. Angela Robinson, Lt. Tamika E. Allen, Lt. Carol A. Corbie; medical officers Capt. Donald Mattison, Cdr. Mary McMaster, Cdr. Karen Near, Cdr. Jose Serrano; research officer group Capt. Crystal Mackall, Capt. Jeffery Miller, Capt. Michael Quon, Cdr. Lucinda England, Cdr. Sharon Jackson; pharmacy officers Capt. Sharon Gershon, Capt. Michael Montello, Cdr. Julie Rhie; veterinary officers Capt. Mark Haines, Lt. Cdr. Gregory Langham; dental officer Cdr. James Schaeffer; scientist officer Lt. Cdr. Martin Sanders; dietitian officer Capt. Maureen Leser; and health services officer Lt. Cdr. Sianat Kamal.

On hand for the recent PHS promotion ceremony were (front row, from l) Capt. Mark Haines, Cdr. Colleen Lee, Lt. Cdr. Gettie Audain-Norwood, Lt. Cdr. Anissa Davis, Lt. Carol A. Corbie, R. Adm. Kenneth Moritsugu, Lt. Tamika Allen, Cdr. Lois Young, Lt. Cdr. Barbara Fuller, Lt. Cdr. Lori Hunter and Capt. Donald Mattison. In second row are (from l) Lt. Cdr. Gregory Langham, Lt. Cdr. Sianat Kamal, Lt. Cdr. Sandra Griffith, Cdr. Susan Orsega, Capt. Sharon Gershon, Cdr. Martha Marquesen, Lt. Cdr. Leo Fitzpatrick, Lt. Cdr. Angela Robinson, Cdr. Rosa Clark, Cdr. Mary McMaster and Capt. Sheryl Meyers.

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