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EHRP System To Debut Sept. 9

Last February, the NIH Record informed NIH'ers about the new arm of a major unseen construction project on campus. The project is an administrative undertaking known as the NIH Business and Research Support System, and its extension is the new automated personnel system, the Enterprise Human Resources and Payroll (EHRP) system.

The EHRP is a Department of Health and Human Services initiative to replace its existing human resources (HR) and payroll system (known as IMPACT) with the EHRP system. The new system is based on PeopleSoft's web-based HR management system for the federal government.

The EHRP system provides a tool for: NIH leadership to manage the NIH workforce strategically; minimizing reporting discrepancies; reducing duplicate data.

Implementation of the system will enable HHS to: enhance payroll operations; manage both vacant and filled positions; reduce paper and minimize redundant systems.

EHRP end users can look forward to an opportunity to use the latest web-based technology and increased data accuracy.

NIH'ers will still have access to Employee Express and should not experience any changes as a result of the EHRP implementation.

The HHS Program Support Center is providing EHRP training for NIH end users through Sept. 6. The EHRP system is scheduled for implementation on Sept. 9. For more information visit

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