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Strong Turnout for NIH IntraMall 2000

More than 2,000 people turned out for the NIH IntraMall tent show on July 12 in a parking lot outside the Clinical Center. hosted the event, demonstrating the new and improved NIH IntraMall, the leading electronic catalog and ordering system on campus. The event was held to showcase new vendors, user features and the automated purchase card reconciliation module to be deployed later this summer. hosted the July 12 IntraMall tent show, which demonstrated the new and improved electronic catalog and ordering system.

"I was very impressed by the turnout and interest expressed by so many people," said Jim Marx of the Office of Procurement Management. MaryAnn Guerra, principal investigator of the IntraMall CRADA, noted, "The success of this event clearly shows the growing momentum for the IntraMall program under the guidance of our new partner,, and NIH leadership commitment." According to Susanne Schneider of, "We expected about 1,000 people and were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. In addition to 800 lunches, we brought in another 90 pizzas and extra sandwiches and drinks to feed the overflow crowd."

About 30 vendors exhibited at the show, including VWR, Sigma-Aldrich, Life Technologies and Invitrogen. The BPA/IMPAC cardholder group also had a booth and signed up new cardholders. Exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the quantity and quality of attendees. One exhibitor from Greiner America observed, "I've been covering the NIH since the 1970's, and this was the best NIH show I've been to in terms of lead generation."

More than 2,000 people attended the recent tent show.

The IntraMall now features more than 1 million lab, computer and office supply products. To sign up for training or learn more about the program, call 888-NIH MALL or Jeff Weiner at 496-7058.

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