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HHS Holds Hispanic Heritage Month Event at Natcher, Sept. 18

The Department of Health and Human Services will hold its 2003 Hispanic Heritage Month observance on Thursday, Sept. 18 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Natcher Conference Center. The 3rd annual HHS Forum on Hispanic Employment Issues, themed "Honoring Our Past, Surpassing Our Present & Leading Our Future," will feature HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni and U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona. Topics for 1 p.m. panel discussions include Best Practices in Recruitment, and Retention and Advancement of Hispanics in the Federal Workforce. Sign Language Interpreters will be provided. Individuals with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations may contact Milton Belardo at 496-5089, TTY 480-3122 or 496-9755.

Kleinman To Deliver Final Lecture in FIC Series

Dr. Arthur Kleinman, Esther and Sidney Rabb professor of anthropology at Harvard and professor of medical anthropology and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, will deliver the final lecture in the FIC Global Health lecture series on Monday, Sept. 22 at 3 p.m. in Masur Auditorium, Bldg. 10. The lecture, entitled "The Global Epidemic of Mental Health Problems in Developing Countries: Depression, Suicide and Violence," is part of a year-long series on global health issues sponsored by FIC to commemorate the center's 35th anniversary.

All who are interested are welcome to attend the lecture and to meet with Kleinman at an informal reception that will follow the talk.

Wednesday Afternoon Lectures

The Wednesday Afternoon Lecture series — held on its namesake day at 3 p.m. in Masur Auditorium, Bldg. 10 — features Dr. Alan D. Grossman on Sept. 24, speaking on the topic, "Chromosome Dynamics and Gene Expression in Bacteria." He is professor of biology and co-director, Graduate Program in Biology, MIT.

On Oct. 1, Dr. Harvey Fineberg will give the James A. Shannon Lecture on "The National Academies Advice on the Organization of the NIH." See story.

For more information or for reasonable accommodation, call Hilda Madine, 594-5595.

NIH Orientation Fair, Sept. 24

The 4th annual NIH Orientation Fair will be held Wednesday, Sept. 24 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Bldg. 10's B1-level exhibit area. Based on the theme "Ask Me About the NIH," the event will showcase the wealth of professional and personal services that are available to NIH trainees and employees.

The fair will give all participants a concise and complete grasp of campus resources, making employees more capable more quickly and enriching their experience here. Visit more than 50 booths with representatives from the NIH Library, Office of Animal Care, NIH Federal Credit Union, parking and police, Work/Life Center, Occupational Safety and many others. Sign up for email distribution lists, pick up giveaways and get answers to your questions.

The fair is sponsored by the Office of Education, Office of Research Services and Work/Life Center. Sign language interpretation will be available. Individuals who require this or other accommodation should call the Office of Education at 496-2427.

Lace Up Those Running Shoes

It's time again for the NIH Institute Challenge Relay, to be held on Friday, Sept. 26 at 11:30 a.m. along a loop surrounding Bldg. 1. The 20th running of the relay involves coed teams of five runners, each of whom runs a half-mile loop around Bldg. 1. All institutes and centers are invited, as well as contractors. Registration is $5 per team. Team leaders should email Randy Schools of the sponsoring R&W Association at with your team names (be as creative as you like), group leader and participants. For more information, visit your local R&W store or one of the Fitness Centers. Race volunteers are also needed; contact Schools or Julie Harris at 496-6061.

Camera Club Holds Competition

The annual photo competition sponsored by the NIH Camera Club will be held Tuesday, Oct. 14 in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Services Center, 4805 Edgemoor Ln. The building will be open at 6:15 p.m. for registration of entries and judging begins at 7. Contest entry fee is $1 and judging will be done by a panel of three expert photographers from the community. Cash prizes will be given for the top three images in each category and ribbons will be given for honorable mention. The categories are black and white prints, color prints and color slides. Individuals may enter up to four images per category. For more information call Harvey Kupferberg (301) 983-0167 or Margaret Sprott (301) 299-6805.

'Globalization, Justice and Health' Conference

The Clinical Center department of clinical bioethics, the Fogarty International Center and the World Health Organization will host a conference, "Globalization, Justice and Health," on Nov. 3-4 at the Wyndham Hotel in Washington, D.C. The meeting will bring together leading thinkers on international trade, distributive justice and health care systems. The goal is to develop a framework that is essential to ensuring that the forces of globalization promote, rather than endanger, the health of individuals throughout the world.

Day one will examine key interconnections among globalization, income and health, as well as related issues of international distributive justice and international law. The second day will cover intellectual property rights, international trade in health services and privatization of the health sector from the standpoint of health systems and policymakers.

Speakers include Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University; Julio Frenk Mora, Secretary of Health, Mexico; Uwe Reinhardt, Princeton University; David Dollar, World Bank; Angus Deaton, Princeton University; and Richard Wilkinson, Nottingham University. Web site and online registration are available at Contact Carol Coy, (301) 562-2341,, for more information.

Maintain Civility at Work

Sometimes the pace of change either at work or home makes it difficult to maintain balance in the workplace. The following statements may help determine when help is needed to manage conflicts or other stressors that contribute to inappropriate work behavior:

  • Are you or someone you know having difficulty managing anger at work?
  • Are you concerned about how to respond to behavior at work that is less than civil and possibly even intimidating, harassing or verbally or physically threatening?
  • Are family and other personal disputes affecting your ability to think clearly and be productive at work, or are you worried that family members or others with hostile attitudes or behavior may make unwanted visits to work to see you?
  • Do you believe that you or any of your colleagues are currently experiencing overwhelming feelings of depression or thoughts of suicide?
  • Have you seen other behavior changes in yourself or others at work that are cause for worry?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then you may want to call CIVIL, the team of experts that promotes civil behavior in the NIH workplace. The phone number is C-I-V-I-L (2-4845); TTY 402-9499. Anyone can call CIVIL. CIVIL will help you sort through the issues, determine the next steps toward solving the problems, and work to promote a safe and productive work environment. For more information, visit the CIVIL web site at If you believe you or others are in immediate danger, then you should always call 911 first.

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