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OEO Holds Dual Awards Ceremony

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management recently held its EEO Counselors and Special Emphasis Programs' Awards Ceremony. In the past, OEODM honored EEO counselors in an awards ceremony. This year OEODM Director Lawrence Self wanted also to recognize employees and managers who devoted their time and talents on the various special emphasis programs, which consist of different committees and organizations, as well as OEODM-sanctioned employee groups.

The keynote address was given by Bonita V. White, director, EEO programs group, Office of the Secretary, HHS. White's presentation was dynamic and spoke to the soul of volunteering and serving in collateral duty positions, especially in the demanding role of EEO counselor.

OEODM Director Lawrence Self applauds keynote speaker Bonita White, director of an EEO programs group at HHS. White talked about the soul of volunteering and serving in collateral duty positions.

EEO counselors were recognized in three categories — outstanding, excellent and special recognition. The Outstanding Counselor Award went to Pamela Oliver of NIDA; the Excellent Counselor Award went to Jacqueline Dobson, NIDDK. The following employees received Special Recognition Awards: Cathy Greenville, CIT; Yvonne Hefley, NIAID; Dr. Jean Paddock, CSR; Tyrone Banks, NHLBI; Aurelio Vasquez, CC; Brenda Lee, NCI; and Alfreda Layne, CIT.

The special emphasis programs awardees were honored for their volunteer efforts. Awardees were Levon Parker, NINDS; Kay Johnson-Graham, NIDCD; Rudene Thomas, OD; Joyce Starks, OD; Margo Bradford, NIAID; Tina Lancaster, NIGMS; Dr. Victor Fung, Dr. Bill Bunnag and William Reeves, CSR; Robert DeBellis, ORS; Elsa Berenstein, NIDCR; Dr. Derrick Tabor, NIGMS; Dr. Carlos Cuban, OD; Deborah Dozier-Hall, CC; Zita Givens, NIA; Virginia Tanner-Crocker, NINDS; Frank GrayShield, NHLBI; and Cheryl White, NLM.

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