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'Sharing' Theme of Parkinson's Meeting

Sharing — of information, ideas, data, experiences and resources — best describes the central theme around which the 3rd annual meeting of the Udall Centers of Excellence for Parkinson's Disease Research revolved. Held Aug. 6-7 in Bethesda, the event brought scientists from all 11 centers together to discuss their current work and future directions, and to brainstorm new ideas and possible solutions to research problems.

"One of the mandates to the Udall Centers is to find ways to collaborate with each other and, by so doing, raise their total contributions to Parkinson's disease research above the sum of their parts," said Dr. Audrey S. Penn, acting director of NINDS, which funds the centers. "I am impressed by the enthusiasm generated by the meeting attendees. Their willingness to share information, including unpublished data, and offer ideas and assistance to one another is something we see all too rarely in the scientific community."

All 11 principal investigators provided an overview of their center's research. NINDS staff provided a synopsis of the institute's activities and initiatives over the past year. The concept of developing an NINDS-supported Udall scholars exchange program, which would allow staff from one center to train at a different center, was well received. After a poster session featuring research highlights, the participants broke into groups to discuss high-throughput drug screening, resource sharing and gene discovery.

A summary of the meeting can be found at in the near future.

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