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Awards Presented at NIAAA Employee Day

An expanse of field at Clarksburg, Md.'s High Point farm was the setting for NIAAA's 4th annual Employee Recognition Day picnic on June 15. Under a tent that could accommodate every employee, NIAAA's EEO awards ceremony honored numerous staff members for their professional achievements, contributions to programs such as CFC and the Savings Bond drive, and decades of service. The second annual Martin K. Trusty Excellence in Management Award — a tribute to a former NIAAA executive officer, now retired — went this year to Dr. Samir Zakhari, director of the Division of Basic Research, in "recognition of outstanding commitment to and excellence in the management of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism."

Lunch barbecued on the premises and games under a broad sky (with souvenir hats offering a break from the sun) gave employees the opportunity to catch up, cut loose and enjoy a warm summer afternoon.

Dr. Samir Zakhari (l) receives the NIAAA Martin K. Trusty Excellence in Management Award from NIAAA director Dr. Enoch Gordis.

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