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Day Care Board Seeks Members

The NIH day care board seeks volunteers to serve a 3-year term commencing in September 1999. The board currently meets every 6 weeks for about 2 hours in an NIH conference center.

Its functions are to serve as an advocate for quality day care, to communicate day care information to NIH employees, and to serve as a forum for discussion of day care issues. The board also provides recommendations to the NIH director regarding such matters as the status of existing programs and the need for new child care services, and/or modification of existing services.

Recently, the board has accomplished the following: received clearance from the General Services Administration and NIH to process criminal background checks for our child care workers in a more timely manner; initiated a task order to hire a management assessment contractor to evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness and communications of the various management components of the NIH Day Care Program; assisted with the allocation of one FTE to hire a professional day care coordinator who will have oversight and management responsibility for the NIH Day Care Program; and worked closely with the Work and Family Life Center to initiate a dependent care resource and referral service for NIH'ers. Participation on the board is an official duty and may be included as a noncritical element on an employee's performance plan. Members are selected to reflect the varied interests of employees and their dependents and should represent the diverse cultural and ethnic population of the NIH community. Since meetings are held during the workday, supervisory permission should be obtained prior to submitting your nomination to serve on the board.

Membership is open to all federal employees who work at NIH. If you are interested in serving, you may self-nominate by sending a letter to the Director, DSFM, EPS - Suite 200. Include your name, NIH mailing address, IC, branch/section, job title, brief biographical sketch and your supervisor's concurrence. Letters should describe why you wish to serve on the board and specify any special concerns or interests you have related to day care. Limit nomination applications to 2 pages. For more information, contact Lori Thompson at 496-1967 or Deborah Henken, day care board chairperson, at 496-5541. To learn more about the board and day care at NIH, visit

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