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NIH Record News Briefs

Manchester String Quartet Enters 10th Season

The Manchester String Quartet will begin its 10th season at NIH on Monday, Sept. 28 at 12:30 p.m. in Masur Auditorium, Bldg. 10. The series is made possible by a grant from the Merck Co. Foundation. For more information, call Sharon Greenwell, 496-1776.

Garden Club Meets, Oct. 1

The next meeting of the NIH Garden Club will feature discussion of common garden dilemmas. It will be held Thursday, Oct. 1 from noon to 1 p.m. in Bldg. 31, Conf. Rm. 7. You can submit questions in advance by email to Garden Club meetings are open to all; check the club Web site for more information,

Auditions for 'Messiah' Singalong

The NIH Community Orchestra-Bethesda Little Theatre production of the Messiah singalong, scheduled for Dec. 6, needs chorus members. Auditions will be held Monday, Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. in Masur Auditorium, Bldg. 10. For more information, contact conductor Gary Daum at (301) 897-8184 or visit the orchestra's Web site at Proceeds from the concert will benefit NIH charities.

New FY Catalog Coming Soon

The Division of Workforce Development, Office of Human Resources Management, is gearing up for the new fiscal year. Its FY99 catalog includes 32 new courses and offers a wide variety of training opportunities in supervision, administration, human resource management, communication, career planning, computer skills and quality of work life. Look for copies of the catalog soon. For information about other services, visit DWD online at or call 496-6211.

Frog Skin May Offer Health Benefits

Phyllomedusa bicolor, a tree frog found in the Amazon basin, secretes opioid peptides, among other substances, from the skin. Dr. Larry Lazarus and Sharon Bryant at NIEHS are among those pursuing insights and benefits from these opioids. They, along with colleagues, have prepared and studied more than 300 different agonists and 100 antagonist compounds. The antagonists may be effective in treating addictive behaviors such as cocaine, alcohol and amphetamine dependency. The researchers also see a possible future for them in suppressing the immune system to help in organ donation.

Biomedical Calendar Available

The 1998-1999 Calendar of Biomedical Meetings and Events, which includes meetings sponsored by NIH as well as those of major medical societies and biomedical research associations, is available from the Office of Communications, OD. To obtain a copy, call Betty Riley, 496-8855.

R&W Sponsors Annual Bullpen Party

More than 800 NIH'ers and their families, as well as patients and families from Camp Fantastic, participated in the recent Orioles Bullpen Party, held prior to a game against the Seattle Mariners. Here the Oriole Bird mascot cavorts in the stands with (from l) Donald Orlic, Roxanne Fisher, Mario Chamorro and Bart Williams. R&W sponsored the annual event at Camden Yards.

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