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Firemen Volunteer In Florida

When the Florida Emergency Management Agency requested assistance in extinguishing the brush fires running rampant through the state recently, the NIH Fire Department was ready to help. Fire fighters (from l) Lt. Trevoir Forrester, Paul Donaldson, Lt. Christopher Mattingly, and Thomas Kellum volunteered through the Maryland Emergency Management Agency to assist in putting out the fires. On July 7, the group, joined by Southern Maryland fire fighters, drove to Florida in the NIH Fire Department's pickup truck. This "convoy" worked in the forests every day, while taking meals and resting in a shelter across the street from Daytona International Raceway. Despite intense humidity, the mediocre facilities of the local fire department, and the menace of dead, burned-out trees falling over, the volunteers' efforts were successful enough for them to return on July 16, 3 days earlier than originally expected, said team members.

The firemen worked hard to prevent scenes like below, left. Many homes were lost as brush fires swept from woods to residential neighborhoods.

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