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Stride Program Holds Ceremony

The Stride Program recently held its 1998 recognition ceremony and reunion, at which graduates Pamela Carter, computer specialist (CC), Janet Howard, writer-editor (NIAMS) and Camille Sookram-Peake, grants management specialist (NIAID), were honored.

Former NINDS Executive Officer Richard Sherbert addresses the Stride Program's recent awards ceremony and reunion.

Stride is a competitive, 3-year upward mobility program giving NIH employees in a one grade interval series an opportunity for career change and advancement. It provides a combination of on-the-job training, academic courses and selected short courses to prepare individuals for two grade interval positions. Stride is usually advertised in the spring. A technical advisory board consisting of senior level managers oversees the program.

Keynote speaker at the affair was Richard Sherbert, retired NINDS executive officer. He said the role of administrative staff at NIH is to find out what scientists need, know how to use policies and procedures to help rather than hassle them, and behave honestly, ethically and morally.

The Stride Program began in 1974. Alumni attending the ceremony hailed from 1979 to the present. They took advantage of the opportunity to network with other alumni and to reminisce about their experiences as interns.

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