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Depression Screening for NIH Staff

NIMH and the NIH Work/Life Center — with support from the Employee Assistance Program — are sponsoring a health-promotion screening at six NIH locations on Thursday, Oct. 9, for employees who believe they are experiencing mood-disorder symptoms or might have in the past.

Held on National Depression Screening Day, the event will help employees determine whether they could benefit from further evaluation and, possibly, treatment of depression. Symptoms can include a sad, empty, or apathetic mood; elation, racing thoughts, grandiosity; impaired concentration; feelings of despair, worthlessness; and talk or thoughts of death and suicide.

The walk-in screening — which is anonymous, confidential, and usually takes less than an hour — involves viewing a 15-minute video (if participants' time allows); completing a screening tool (symptom questionnaire); meeting briefly with a mental health professional for results and guidance to referral organizations; or just collecting NIMH materials on mood and related disorders, including a guide to local resources.

With the right treatment — which may include short-term talk therapy, medication, or both — life can feel good again for people who have suffered painful mood disorders.

Employees who are concerned about a loved one's symptoms may also participate. Those friends and family members, however, may call (800) 520-6373 to find a privately sponsored (but also free) site near work or home where they can be screened.

People whose native language is not English and who will attend the Bldg. 10 site may request an interpreter for the screening by contacting Andrea Rander (496-1807) by Oct. 6.

The Work/Life program is arranging for sign-language interpretation or other reasonable accommodation upon request at 435-1619 (TTY 480-0690). The video itself is both open-captioned and audio-described. The screening tool is also available in Braille, as are several publications.

Staff who cannot attend the event may contact the EAP (496-3164) to arrange for anonymous screenings in their Bldg. 31 suite (Rm. B2B57) throughout October.

For more information, write to event coordinator Sophia Glezos Voit at or call 443-4533.

Screening Times, Locations
Times and locations where NIH staff may attend a screening are:

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Bldg. 10, OMS Conf. Rm. 6C401
Bldg. 31, Rm. B2B57
Rockledge II, Rm. 7111
Neuroscience Center, Rm. B

1-3 p.m.
NCI-Frederick, Bldg. 426, Rm. 103
Democracy Plaza, NCRR Rm. 1037

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