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Computer Training Fall Classes Available

The CIT Computer Training Program is offering over 100 different classes this fall. The classes are, as always, free of charge to NIH staff. A full list, with course descriptions, can be found at

Statistical packages will be well represented among the more than 20 new classes being offered this term. The SAS Institute will offer an SAS Day in Bldg. 1's Wilson Hall, where participants will have an opportunity to learn about SAS tools. In addition, two hands-on classes are scheduled. "Accomplishing Tasks in SAS Using Enterprise Guide Software" will target end users who are not programmers but who need to retrieve information from different sources, summarize it and present it in tables and graphs. "The SAS Output Delivery System" is designed for experienced SAS programmers who would like to use this new tool for producing output.

A specialized class in S-Plus, another major statistical package, "Microarray Data Analysis Using S-PLUS 6" will offer a morning lecture and an afternoon hands-on lab session. It will include examples involving the analysis of cDNA and Oligo (Affymetrix) microarray data.

There will also be many other new classes for scientists. CIT's Helix group will present a class on "Easy Large-Scale Bioinformatics on the NIH Biowulf Supercluster." The class will demonstrate user-friendly tools available for scientists with hundreds or thousands of sequences to analyze. NCBI will be offering classes on "Locus Link" and "Making Sense of DNA and Protein Sequences" and will be repeating classes on Blast, Structural Analysis and MapViewer.

Several scientific software providers will be coming to NIH to give classes on their tools. Affymetrix is bringing a hands-on "Understanding Affymetrix GeneChip Data using Data Mining Tool (DMT) and the NetAffx Analysis Center." Bitplane is bringing three offerings: "Imaris and Imaris Surpass Basics," "Measurement Pro, Imaris Time, and Advanced Features of Imaris and Surpass," and "Deconvolution – Huygens."

Microsoft's .NET and Sun's J2EE are competing tools for enterprise development and deployment of web-based applications. During its summer training program, CIT offered a brief seminar comparing the two. This fall, two new courses have been scheduled in response to requests for more technical information. Microsoft will present a 2-day hands-on ".NET for Developers," and Sun Microsystems will present "J2EE."

The travel portion of the new business system will be rolling out at NIH in February. With a need to train more than 2,000 students in a short time, CIT will coordinate registrations for all of the many locations that will be required to accommodate participants. The program will comprise both computer-based self-study and a day of hands-on classroom work. Also, the Data Warehouse trainers will teach a class on the conversion of the Data Warehouse tool involved with the NBRSS.

Other new classes will cover Flash, Active Directory at NIH for developers, Linux and many returning favorites.

New Classroom Locations

Many CIT offices have moved out of Bldg. 12A, but classes are still offered at that site. There is also off-campus classroom space at 10401 Fernwood, the new home for many CIT personnel. Visitor parking is free; the Rockledge shuttle drops passengers off next to the Fernwood Bldg.; and CIT now runs a special shuttle directly between Bldg. 12A and Fernwood. Visit for more information about schedules, maps and parking. For more information call 594-6248 (GOCIT internally).

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