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Intern Captures Fresh Views of Campus

Photos: Damon Tighe

Veterans of employment at NIH can become blind to the campus' reserves of grandeur. Sometimes, it takes the eyes of a summer intern to see the place afresh. These images of NIH buildings — taken by a college student ambitious enough to combine molecular biology with freelance photography — share a perspective of awe, of edifices seen from a posture of humility and wonder. That perspective seems to sneak up only occasionally on people for whom this landscape has become routine. Knocked off schedule by hours worked overtime, or perhaps by a project running late, longtime NIH'ers can sometimes recover their vision. These photos, then, are therapy for eyes that may have become inured to the familiarities of the workplace.

One can get a little dizzy wondering where to put one's foot next in this photo, taken at the center of campus.

The Lister Hill Center, seen from the lawn abutting parking lot 41, seems to be a monolith rising out of the fairway on some golf course, which, of course, it is. (The Town and Country Golf Club used to own the property.)

This image of Bldg. 1 makes a pretty good postcard for NIH.

Bldg. 10 can seem an assortment of rectangles, assembled by committees of people who never met.

A fanciful view of Stone House (the vulgate), also known as Lawton Chiles International House, or simply Bldg. 16.

NIH's newest almost-done building is the Vaccine Research Center, the ribboncutting for which is scheduled soon. From this angle, the high hopes for the facility are made tangible.

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