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DCRT's Touch of Class

DCRT's 1997 fall term offers more than 90 classes in database, statistics, networks, personal computing, Unix systems, mainframe services and Internet tools and resources.

New classes, "Introduction to Statistics," "Overview of SAS Release 6.12," "Producing Tables with SAS," and "Advanced SAS Tabulate Features," highlight a strong statistics program that includes SAS fundamentals and two classes from the SAS Institute.

DCRT's Windows NT instructors have collaborated on a new two-part coordinated curriculum. Classes for users of NT Workstations include Windows NT Workstation Startup and Workstation Troubleshooting, while classes for Windows NT server administrators cover an Overview for Administrators, Trouble Shooting, NTS Resource Kit, NTS Registry, NT 5.0 Migration Issues, and NTS and NetWare.

New Internet offerings include: an intermediate class in preparing PowerPoint presentations for the Web; a seminar on Internet Explorer 4.0; a hands-on class on NetMeeting, including video conferencing; and a lecture on how to publicize your Website with search engines such as Alta Vista and Yahoo!

Of interest to mathematicians and scientists are seminars featuring presentations on partial differential equations, imaging, and preparing scientific images for publication. In November, "Issues in Simulation of Nucleic Acids" will discuss recent simulation techniques and their application to the structure and dynamics of different forms of DNA and RNA in solution. Toward the end of the term, Prof. M. Muthukumar of the polymer science and engineering department, University of Massachusetts, will give a special three-part series, "Lectures on Polymer Science."

Two lectures will describe the design, engineering, and implementation of the new NIH LoBoS system, a supercomputer built from commodity PCs, and different ways NIH staff can use it.

Two seminars, "NIH Backup and Recovery Service" and "NBARS Administration," describe user and administrator roles in this important automatic service that brings mainframe reliability to data stored from local PCs and servers.

DCRT training classes are free of charge to all NIH employees and registered users of DCRT systems. To receive a catalog or register, call 4-DCRT (301-594-3278), send email to, visit, or submit a request via the NIHITS system. Complete schedule information and course descriptions are available on LiveWire, DCRT's new Web-based, online magazine (, and first-time students can now check their enrollment through the Web.

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