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The Building of Bldg. 32T-II

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow...Delayed at times by furlough, snow storms and freezing temperatures, construction of Bldg. 32T-II -- a second annex to NICHD's Bldg. 32 -- was completed recently. At left, crews begin in late October 1995 by excavating land and erecting a retaining wall at the southernmost point of Center Dr., adjacent to Bldgs. 32T and 18T. Lister Hill Center towers in the background.

At right, the major steam pipe that supplies several surrounding buildings is kept intact as the new foundation is diverted around the steamline, according to Project Officer Kyung Kim, an engineer at NIH's Office of Research Services.

Winter of our discontent? By February, after soil frozen about 15 inches deep thawed, the stone pillars -- upon which the modular pieces that comprise Bldg. 32T-II will sit -- are installed. At left, a view of the pillars after layers of the Blizzard of '96 were cleared.

At right, construction crews make final adjustments to the underground piping. Using NIH specifications, a company in Pennsylvania designed and formed the new building in modular units, which were then transported to the campus via wideload trucks.

This frontal view of the completed building shows the hallways connecting it to Bldgs. 32 and 32T; not shown is the rear hallway leading to Bldg. 18T.

Finally, Bldg. 32T-II (at right), literally carved out of a hillside and housing about 10,000 square feet of laboratory space, is ready for full occupancy nearly a year to the date of excavation.


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