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Dear Editor,

I just read your article on the parking crunch that is expected due to upcoming construction projects on campus (NIH Record, Sept. 24). Why not extend the NIH Transhare program to IRTA (and visiting) fellows? I assure you that this would go far towards reducing our traffic problems!

Dr. Gabriella Ryan, LGDR/NCHGR

Dear Editor,

I just saw the letter to the editor in the Record on cycling on sidewalks. NIH regulations forbid bicycling on sidewalks. I would have liked to have seen a note to this effect after the letter. While there are signs on the buildings telling people that bikes are not permitted inside, most people aren't aware of any other regulations pertaining to bicycles.

As the front page article stated, parking may be getting tighter. I'd like to see articles on alternative commuting methods with suggestions that employees within, say, 1.5 miles be encouraged to walk and those less than 5 miles be encouraged to bike. With the bike racks on the front of the regular Ride-On buses even those farther from NIH can take the bus even if they aren't within a few steps of the bus stop.

Jay Miller, President, NIH Bicycle Commuter Club

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