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October 8, 1996
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'Looking for That 1 in 1000'
Job Fair Adds Spice to 10th Festival

By Carla Garnett

A few new spices were thrown into the scientific potpourri that is NIH's 5-day annual Research Festival, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Leading off was a Sept. 16 symposium featuring international experts on a current "hot" topic -- prion diseases, a group of neurodegenerative disorders that includes "mad cow" disease, and its human counterpart Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. Two other symposia -- one on the genetics of complex disease and another, the NIDR Alumni Symposium, which honored Dr. Stephan Mergenhagen, the recently retired long-time chief of the institute's Laboratory of Immunology -- four poster sessions, a picnic lunch, a scientific job fair, nearly 30 workshops, and a scientific equipment show were packed into the festival.

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Stetten Lecture
'Ghoulish' Potion Shows Nervous System Function

By Alisa Zapp

At the Wednesday Afternoon Lecture scheduled for the week before Halloween, a researcher will decribe the deadly effects of a brew containing the funtional equivalent of cobra toxin, tetrodotoxin (puffer fish poison), and botulinum toxin. He'll also describe how this potent venom, found in marine snails, helps to reveal molecular mechanisms underlying nervous system function.

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