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Business Adviser, TV Host Gong Visits NIH

The Bethesda chapter of Federally Employed Women, supported by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management, recently hosted a guest lecture by Ginny Gong, talk show host of a weekly public television show, Ginny's...where East meets West. Gong spoke about diversity in today's workplace.

Gong was 9 when she arrived in the United States. She lived in New York and worked for her mom and dad in the family laundry business. She recalled where she learned and lived what is now known as diversity. She said diversity is a focus, passion and commitment of time to anchor yourself in projects that interest you. She warned the lunchtime group to think and select committee choices carefully. Gong chose to get involved in county business and join select committees. After many years of working, networking and traveling, she says, "Now when I call and leave a message, my calls are returned."

Ginny Gong (c) is joined by Rudene Thomas (l), head of the FEW chapter, and Glenda Keen, OD.

Although language barriers are often used to separate people of various cultures, Gong said she believes that people should take time to understand and educate themselves about cultures. Most of what keeps Gong focused, she said, is her passion to educate and help others. A former teacher for 16 years, and with experience as a human resources administrator for Montgomery County, Gong has become an influence within the Asian community. She has served as a consultant on various boards at many levels.

The impact of her career was evident when she was asked to work on a committee that would influence the Asian community, which led to discussions with former President Clinton. Gong's new book, From the Ironing Board to the Board Room, is expected to be published by the end of the year. Currently she is director of the Montgomery County Interagency Coordinating Board, where she manages its multimillion dollar enterprise fund.

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