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Group Focuses on College Drinking

In an effort to address the issue of alcohol abuse among college students, NIAAA's national advisory council has created a subcommittee on college drinking.

Comprised of college presidents and researchers, the subcommittee will provide expertise and guidance to NIAAA based on a dialogue among university researchers and administrators. Input also will be sought from students, parents, community leaders, corporate executives and others.

NIAAA director Dr. Enoch Gordis (c) welcomes cochairs
to the first meeting of the college drinking subcommittee;
they are Dr. Mark Goldman (l) of the University of South Florida
and Rev. Edward Malloy, president of the University of Notre Dame.

The goals of the subcommittee are two: The long-term objective is to advise NIAAA and other policymakers on future research to improve campus prevention and treatment programs. The short-term aim is to provide college researchers and presidents with information on the effectiveness of current interventions.

By focusing on research outcomes, the subcommittee seeks to make a
lasting contribution to understanding and preventing misuse of alcohol on
college campuses.

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