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Study Subjects Sought

Overweight Kids, Parents Sought

Healthy overweight children and normal weight children with two overweight parents are needed for NICHD study of body composition and causes of overweight. African American and Caucasian boys and girls ages 6-10 are sought. There will be two visits -- one during the day and one overnight. Participants receive a thorough evaluation for medical causes of overweight, including a physical exam, blood tests, metabolism tests, and x-rays. This is not a treatment study. Participants will be paid. Call 6-4168 for more information.

Depression Study Needs Volunteers

NIMH is looking for adults, 18-65, currently experiencing depression to participate in a short-term study offering comprehensive evaluation and consultation. For more information call Julie Dearing or Dr. Cora-Locatelli, 6-3421.

Alzheimer's Disease Family Study

If you are over age 50 and have a first-degree relative (parent or sibling) with confirmed Alzheimer's disease (AD), you may be wondering if you have an increased risk of developing AD yourself. NIMH is doing a long-term study of potential risk factors in first-degree relatives of AD patients. Evaluation includes memory testing as well as thorough medical screening, which will be repeated yearly. To learn more, come to an information meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 2:30 p.m. in the 4th floor clinic conference room, Bldg. 10. Call Judy Friz, 6-0948, to reserve a place.

Treatment for Panic Attacks

People currently experiencing panic attacks may be eligible for a free treatment outcome study evaluating nondrug treatments for panic and anxiety. For more information call Matt Wineman at USUHS, (301) 295-3651.

Anxious Drinkers Needed

Adults ages 18-65 who have significant social anxiety and high alcohol consumption are needed for a psychology study. Social anxiety includes feeling anxious in social and performance situations, e.g., parties, dates, work, public speaking. Eligible participants will receive $40 for 4-5 hours of interviews and testing. For more information, call Giao Tran, (202) 885-1743.

Postmenopausal Volunteers Needed

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, needs postmenopausal volunteers for an outpatient study comparing estrogen and lipid-lowering therapies. Participants must not be taking any medications, hormone replacements or vitamins or be willing to stop medications for 2 months. Volunteers will be paid. Call Rita Mincemoyer, 6-3666.

Study Needs Volunteers

The cognitive neuroscience section is looking for volunteers ages 18-40, male/female, to participate in cognitive psychology experiments. Volunteers will be paid. Call 2-0060 and ask for Pilar or Bob for more information.

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