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'Foil the Flu' Immunization Schedule 2003

The Occupational Medical Service will begin the annual "Foil the Flu" program for NIH employees on Tuesday, Nov. 4. As usual, the schedule for immunizations will be done based on the first letter of the employee's last name. After Dec. 15, immunization will be done only by appointment with OMS. Immunizations will be given only to NIH employees, so bring your NIH ID card. Contractors are not permitted to receive the flu vaccine through this program. The schedule is also available at

On Campus: Bldg. 10/ Rm. 6C306  
First Letter
Last Name
Date A.M. P.M.
A, B Thursday, Nov. 6 7:30-11 1-2
C, D Friday, Nov. 7 all dates 1-3:30
E, F Monday, Nov. 10   1-3:30
G, H Wednesday, Nov. 12   1-3:30
I, J, K Thursday, Nov. 13   1-2
L, M Friday, Nov. 14   1-3:30
N, O, P, Q Monday, Nov. 17   1-3:30
R, S Tuesday, Nov. 18   1-3:30
T, U, V Wednesday, Nov. 19   1-3:30
W, X, Y, Z Thursday, Nov. 20   1-2
A, B, C, D Friday, Nov. 21   1-3:30
E, F, G, H Monday, Nov. 24   1-3:30
I, J, K, L, M Tuesday, Nov. 25   1-3:30
N, O, P Wednesday, Nov. 26   1-3:30
Q, R, S Monday, Dec. 1   1-3:30
T, U, V Tuesday, Dec. 2   1-3:30
W, X, Y, Z Wednesday, Dec. 3   1-3:30
Open-Any Letter Wednesday, Dec. 10   1-3:30
Open-Any Letter Thursday, Dec. 11   1-2
Open-Any Letter Friday, Dec. 12   1-3:30

Beginning Dec. 15, influenza vaccinations will be by appointment only. Call OMS at 496-4411 to make an appointment.

Off-Campus Sites  
Locations Date A.M. P.M.
Poolesville Tuesday, Nov. 4 8:30-11 1-3
RKL I, Rm. 5054 Friday, Dec. 5 all dates all dates
EPN, Rm. 103 Monday, Dec. 8    
NSC, Conf. Rm. D Tuesday, Dec. 9    

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