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Dear Editor,

I would absolutely love going to the Farmers Market on the NIH campus (see Oct. 5 issue). I certainly can't speak for everyone, but I'd like to give my personal explanation for why I don't go to the Farmers Market.

The market doesn't start until 2 p.m. I'm in Executive Plaza where parking is at a premium to say the least. If I give up my parking spot at that time of day, when I return I'll end up parking in the "bowels" of the garage. If I've bought produce, I then have to decide whether to leave it in the car (in which case the weather can't be too hot or too cold), or whether to lug it back into work, which is quite a walk with heavy produce.

Also, think about how much time it would take using the shuttle service — that's not an easy option either.

I live in Gaithersburg. If I come to Bethesda for the market after work, then I'm in traffic going back up Rockville Pike or Old Georgetown Rd. — neither of which are very pleasant during rush hour.

It is NOT a health issue. I love fresh fruits/vegetables, etc., just like anyone else. In fact, I have a vegetable garden at home. But the aggravation (parking and traffic going to the main campus) just isn't worth it for me.

I think the reason that more people attend who are not NIH people is because they are 1) already on the road (whether they are making a special trip to the market or just stopping on their way home), 2) those same people are not concerned with returning to work and finding no parking and 3) they also aren't concerned about where to keep their nice fruit and vegetable purchases at work until its time to go home.

Just one person's reason for not taking advantage of the Farmers Market.

Yvonne Grant, NCI

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