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November 11, 2003
Vol. LV, No. 23

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STEP Program Celebrates 40th Anniversary

NIH, Zerhouni Honored
for Diversity

NLM Exhibit Honors Outstanding Women Physicians

Lasker Winner Darnell
To Give Director's Lecture

Student Researchers' Talent, Enthusiasm Impress Senior Scientists

Recycle Day Slated
for Nov. 15

Pfefferbaum To Give
Keller Lecture, Nov. 18

CIT Computer Training
Fall Term Open

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New Office Created by Late March
First A-76 Victory Prompts Overhaul of Extramural Support

By Carla Garnett

On Sept. 24, NIH announced that it had prevailed over would-be contractors in the agency's first large A-76 competition. Now "to the victor go the spoils," as the tough job of implementing the winning "most efficient organization" (MEO) bid begins. An all-hands meeting was held on Oct. 7 to update employees and provide a sketch of the MEO, which will completely revamp the way NIH provides extramural administrative support services, beginning Mar. 31, 2004. First on the agenda, though, was Charles "Chick" Leasure, NIH deputy director for management and chief financial officer, who expressed his thanks to those who developed the winning proposal and to the NIH community at large for teamwork and support during the unfamiliar A-76 process.
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Daring Careers Remembered
Luminaries of CC Past and Present Launch 17th Research Festival

By Rich McManus

Former NCI director Dr. Vincent DeVita

One couldn't have blamed the Clinical Center for bursting a bit at the seams with pride on Oct. 14 as more than a dozen of NIH's most esteemed clinical investigators launched Research Festival week with stories — some highly technical, others highly personal — of how NIH's hospital, now celebrating its 50th year, figured in research triumphs ranging from the cure of certain cancers, to radical lowering of the incidence of coronary heart disease, to new life-extending therapies for HIV infection.
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