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NIH Record Study Subjects Sought

Paid Volunteers Needed

Are you 18 to 35 years old? In good health? You may qualify to participate in a study of commonly prescribed medications. The study involves multiple visits over a 3-month period. Men and women may earn up to $880 and get free medical tests. Call the Uniformed Services University at (301) 319-8204.

Healthy Women Sought

Healthy postmenopausal women are needed to participate in a study of normal blood. To be eligible, you must have had no abnormal bleeding or clotting in the past. Participants must be willing to stay off any hormone treatment for 9 months and to give a small blood sample; some women will be asked to give additional small samples once a month for 3 months. The study involves no hormones or medications. Compensation ($50) is provided for each blood draw. For more information, call 496-5150.

Pre-Menopausal Women Needed

Women between 23 and 47 years old who have an increased risk of breast cancer are needed for an NCI study designed to test a drug that may help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Participants will take the drug every day for 2 years, and also will be asked to visit the Clinical Center or National Naval Medical Center regularly for 3 years. They will receive care from NCI specialists and help researchers determine if the medication is safe for pre-menopausal women.

Volunteers will be screened over the phone to determine if they have an increased breast cancer risk. Factors that influence risk include a family history of breast cancer, previous breast biopsies, age at first menstrual period and age at first live birth. To be eligible, women must not be pregnant or lactating, must not have had a hysterectomy, and must be willing to use nonhormonal methods of contraception. If interested, call 1-888-624-1937 and ask about the "Capital Area SERM Study."

Healthy Women Needed for Reproductive Health Study

NICHD scientists seek healthy women to take part in a research study of normal female reproduction. You may be eligible if you are under 35, use no birth control pills or other hormones, have normal menstrual cycles and have no history of fibroids, infertility or endometriosis. The research team will explain all study details, risks and benefits. Requires two short visits. Compensation is provided. Call 1-800-411-1222.

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