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December 9, 2003
Vol. LV, No. 25

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'Great Diversity Within Diversity'
American Native Heritage Ceremony Invokes Spirit of Healing

By Carla Garnett

Kevin Locke performs
the traditional Hoop Dance.
If more people had the agility of body, peacefulness of spirit and enthusiasm of youth that Kevin Locke demonstrated during the recent NIH American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month observance, then perhaps the nation's battles with obesity, stress, hypertension and other health problems might be handily won. Locke, a renowned storyteller and award-winning musician of Lakota and Anishinabe descent who performed the traditional Hoop Dance on Nov. 13 at NIH's third annual celebration of Native American history, said much about a healthy life can be learned from the centuries-old customs of American Indians.
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Manson Describes a West Wild with Sorrow, Trauma, Much of It War-Related

By Rich McManus

The American West, which once gained a reputation as wild during frontier settlement, is earning that title anew as surprising portions of its reservation-based populations struggle to cope with the sorrows brought on by PTSD — post traumatic stress disorder — much of it a sequel of military service in Vietnam and other traumatic events.
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