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'Muncher' Makes Meal of Bldg. 35, Makes Way for NRC

Photos by Rich McManus

Demolition of Bldg. 35, undertaken to make way for construction of the John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center, began on Sept. 5, and by late November had resulted in complete leveling of the structure by a concrete "muncher" machine. The "jaws" of the muncher can be seen against the late fall sky.

In the photos below, the building skeleton appears as it was in late October, after asbestos and lead had been carefully removed, along with steel, copper wiring and tubing and concrete, which were recycled.

The new NRC (model shown below) will be built mostly of glass, and will feature an atrium visible in the center of the photo.

Bldg. 35 used to host a cafeteria, preschool program, and, in its basement, some squash courts, among other facilities. The muncher bit it into small chunks of concrete, then shook the pieces until they pulverized. In the photos below the well-chewed remains of Bldg. 35 make it look more like war-torn Kandahar than the NIH campus.

Eventually, Bldg. 36, from whose roof these two photos were taken, will also be razed to make way for the 560,000-gross-square-feet NRC.

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