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NIH Team Wins 'Hammer' Award

Vice President Al Gore's National Partnership for Reinventing Government bestowed one of its Hammer Awards on Dec. 5 to a team of NIH'ers who, in league with several other departments and agencies, developed, improved and maintained the NIH Contractor Performance System. This is a large database that stores information about contractors' actions under awarded contracts. The CPS is widely acclaimed and is now used by most federal agencies.

The awardees include, from the Office of Acquisition Management and Policy: Diane Frasier, Shelby Buford, Zaiga Tums, Mary Armstead, Mike Payne, Merle Tigert, Phyllis Donoghue, JoAnn Wingard, Paulette Smith; from the Center for Information Technology: Renee Edwards, George Dunham, Nan Miller, Tom Coyne, Leigh McCuen; and from the CPS users' group: Olga D'Onofrio of OD, Karin Eddy of NIAID, Nancy Hurd of NIDA and Robert Barnie of NIMH.

The Hammer Award is given to teams that have made significant contributions in support of Reinventing Government principles including putting customers first, cutting red tape, empowering employees and getting back to basics.

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