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Dear Editor,

In this time of giving thanks and giving and receiving, I would like to express my gratitude to a number of strangers who helped me. On Tuesday, Nov. 16, I fell and fractured my patella on the road in front of Bldg. 31A. A number of people came to my aid including the parking lot attendant who called the ambulance, two people who took off their coats and covered me on that cold morning, a woman who sat with me and helped support my back while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, and a man who held his cell phone in speakerphone mode for me so I could call my husband and let him know I had an accident. That man even used his redial feature to get in touch with my husband after I was whisked away in the ambulance since my call to him ended up on voice mail. It was so heartening to receive these gifts. Thank you.

Andrea Baruchin,
Chief, Science Policy Branch,
Office of Science Policy & Communications,

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