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Commissioned Officers Promoted

The second annual Public Heath Service Commissioned Officer Promotion Ceremony, held recently in Masur auditorium, Bldg. 10, honored 27 PHS Commissioned Corps officers who work at NIH. Rear Admiral Richard G. Wyatt, the NIH representative to the surgeon general's policy advisory council, presided. Vice Admiral Richard Carmona, surgeon general, gave keynote remarks and officiated along with Rear Admiral Kenneth Moritsugu, deputy surgeon general, family members and coworkers in the placement of promotion boards for each officer.

Wyatt noted that "the challenges of the research community at NIH are constantly changing." He added that NIH "looks forward to working with the surgeon general and others in HHS to examine critically the role of the Commissioned Corps for the future." He also acknowledged "there are many more officers at NIH who are equally hard-working and deserving of promotion." He said he looks forward to recognizing those officers in the future.

Rising for the presentation of the colors at the recent ceremony are (from l) Surgeon General Richard Carmona, Rear Admiral Kenneth Moritsugu and Rear Admiral Richard G. Wyatt.

Carmona welcomed the opportunity to honor the career advancement of the promoted officers and congratulated them and their families on the accomplishments. He also acknowledged NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni's presence and support.

Honored were: Nurse officers Capt. Laura Chisholm, Capt. Sheila Mahoney, Cdr. Vien Vanderhoof, Cdr. Michele Nehrebecky, Lt. Cdr. Cynthia Nielsen-McArdle, Lt. Cdr. Edward Poindexter, Lt. Cdr. Carmen Maher, Lt. Cdr. Casey Ferguson, Lt. Cdr. Heidi Hiers, Lt. Cdr. Lea Latham, Lt. Cdr. Sean McMahan, Lt. Cdr. Philantha Montgomery, Lt. Cdr. Wendy Blocker, Lt. Cdr. Chantal Mouw, Lt. Cdr. Sandra Oquendo, Lt. Cdr. Tania Schuppius, Lt. Cdr. Betsy Story, Lt. Bryan Emery; medical officers Capt. Mark Connors, Capt. Alan Zametkin; scientist officer Capt. Lisa Colpe; veterinarian officer Cdr. Kim Taylor; health services officers Lt. Cdr. Jeasmine Aizvera, Lt. Cdr. Camille Skerritt, Lt. Cdr. Laurie Johnson; pharmacist officer Lt. Cdr. Haksong Jin; therapist officer Capt. Karen Siegel.

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