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November 9, 2004
Vol. LVI, No. 23

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Book Offers 'Path Through Forest of Emotion'

'Real Men' Wear Lapel Rosettes

'Sister Study' of Breast Cancer Launched

NIH Marks American Indian, Alaska Native Heritage Month with Two Ceremonies

Finkelstein Heads NINDS Extramural Research

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The NIH Record

'A Comprehensive Look'
ARAC Examines How NIH Operates, Promotes Efficiency

By Carla Garnett

For nearly 2 years, NIH has been taking a frank look in the mirror, and thinking about what it sees. Far from prompting merely cosmetic changes, the agency's self-examination has led to a number of ways to enhance efficiency and effectiveness over the next several years. In arguably the most complex planning phase for administration in NIH's recent history, NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni assembled the administrative restructuring advisory committee (ARAC), a 26-member team that compiled 18 pages of recommendations for how NIH operations can be improved. Implementation plans have been designed in many phases, with the goal to have all phases of the plan well under way within the next couple of months.
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'You Can Kick the Tires'
Roadmap Anniversary Marks Milestones

By Rich McManus

Dr. Elias Zerhouni
Just as President Eisenhower's interstate system of highways linked most major American cities in the 1950s and 1960s, NIH's year-old Roadmap for Medical Research initiative is laying pavement between some of the major "cities" in biology, including efforts in nanomedicine, molecular libraries, dramatically upgraded coordination of clinical research and a team approach to science that is more "we" than "me."
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