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November 23, 2004
Vol. LVI, No. 24

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WHO's Lee To Give 4th Annual Barmes Lecture

Real Life RAINBOWS Helps Kids Walk Through Storms

Test Helps Grant Managers Hire Qualified Staff

MSKCC's Keeney Describes DNA-Strand Gymnastics

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Some May Happen, Some May Not
Master Plan Update Envisions Well-Built Campus

By Rich McManus

There is always just a hint of Shangri La when perusing NIH master planning documents, which the agency prepares roughly every 5 years in order to ensure the orderly development of the campus in coming decades. The maps that accompany the thick planning books are clutter-free, symmetrical and idyllic, with none of the dirt, dust and disruption that accompany real-world construction. They paint inviting portraits into which one would readily hasten.
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NICHD Lauds Scientists With 'Hall of Honor'

By Robert Bock

Dr. Robert E. Cooke, member of the presidential task force that helped to establish NICHD

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony during its recent council meeting, NICHD opened a new permanent exhibit commemorating the accomplishments of its grantees and intramural scientists.
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