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2004 Stride Interns Named

The 2004 NIH Stride Program interns recently received an orientation held by the NIH Training Center and the technical advisory board (TAB). The interns are Mimi Bishop and Ronald Shaw. Both will be training for positions as administrative officers within NHLBI.

Stride is a competitive, 3-year program that gives employees an opportunity for career change and advancement, and provides a combination of on-the-job training, academic courses and selected short courses to prepare individuals for specific professional positions. It was established under the HHS Career Opportunities Program to help meet NIH staffing needs.

The TAB oversees the planning and operation of Stride. Its members include Donna Huggins, NIDDK, chair; Anne Rogerson, NCI, co-chair; Donna Brooks, NCMHD; Judy Duff, NEI; Melanie Keller, NIHTC; Jennifer Riewerts, CIT; Mike Rosenthal, OHR/CSD; George Tucker, NCCAM; Stride Program Manager Pauline Irwin and Coordinator Kent Bemberger.

Stride Program participants include (from l) Kent Bemberger, NIHTC coordinator; interns Mimi Bishop and Ronald Shaw; Pauline Irwin, Stride Program manager; and Donna Huggins, Stride chair.

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