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Vol. LVII, No. 19
September 23, 2005

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CFC Offers Employees Chance To 'Be an Everyday Hero'

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Oct. 5 marks the beginning of the NIH Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This year's theme, "Be an Everyday Hero!" reflects the fact that it is often the seemingly little gestures — a kind word, a caring glance, a helpful hand or a small donation — that make a big difference in the lives of others.


The Greentree Shelter, a part of the National Center for Children and Families, is the only shelter for homeless families with an on-site structured child care center and therapeutic child access capability in Montgomery County.  

"In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the call for help to support people in need has never been more poignantly depicted than in the images of devastation from the Gulf Coast region," said NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni. "Last year, NIH raised $1.9 million for some 3,000 charities, a reflection of the extraordinary contributions of NIH employees. Again this year, the need is great for supporting all of our charitable groups and the call to be an everyday hero is greater."

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, Zerhouni and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIAID, which heads the campaign this year, will gather at a CFC kick-off event with the employees who will help ensure a successful campaign.

Hundreds of deputy and assistant CFC coordinators and key workers will be invited to attend the event. The lunchtime ceremony, to be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the new NIH Fire House, will include music and food, and it will be the first opportunity for the NIH CFC workers to meet each other.

More than 3,200 local, national and international charities are supported through the annual CFC national fundraiser. Fauci wants this year's campaign to reflect the true generosity of the NIH staff. "By volunteering your time to local charities, you can have a positive impact on the community," he said. "By donating to CFC charities of your choice, you can help finance work to save the environment, provide food, shelter and medical care to needy families and help poor children get an education."

You can designate one or more specific charities to receive your donation. And, payroll deduction makes it easy to give. For more information about the annual campaign, visit

Dr. Sheryl Brissett-Chapman is executive director of the National Center for Children and Families (NCCF) in Bethesda. "CFC funding is critical for us to be able to reach nearly 2,000 children and families during the year," she says. "Through community volunteers, we are able to extend our reach and help more people. Our volunteers are truly everyday heroes!"

One such NCCF volunteer is Monica Panelli, a staff scientist in the Clinical Center's department of transfusion medicine. Each week during the past year, she has volunteered as a tutor for children at the NCCF's Greentree Shelter. Panelli feels strongly that it is important to give back to the community, and, in particular, to children.

Each of us is passionate about something. Support your passion by contributing to CFC and make an impact on someone's life. Choose to be an everyday hero — choose to give.

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