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Vol. LVII, No. 20
October 7, 2005

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Interinstitute Relay Draws Crowd to Bldg. 1 Lawn

The 22nd Interinstitute Relay Race drew 77 teams to the lawn of Bldg. 1 on Sept. 15. NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni started the first heat. Runners, in teams of five, completed laps around Bldg. 1. Winning in a time of 14:04 were members of Wurtz Possible Runners, a team that has competed regularly in the relay since 1979. Members hail from Dr. Robert Wurtz's Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research, NEI.

Top Ten Relay Finishers
1. Wurtz Possible Runners 14:04
2. Proud Snail Hunters 14:12
3. Bolting Electrons 14:34
4. The Super Oxides 14:47
5. Genomers 15:05
6. First Place 15:11
7. Too Fast 1 15:30
8. Li'l D's Dawgs 15:38
9. Waisted Kinetics 15:57
10. Catch Me If You Can(cer) 16:15

NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni (l) chats with Jeff Green of the Clinical Center’s PET/nuclear medicine department before the first heat. NIH deputy director Dr. Raynard Kington starts heat two with a whistle blast.

NCI’s Dr. Harold Seifried issues a “Call to Races” on trumpet prior to the first heat.
The winning team — Wurtz Possible Runners — featured (from l) Simon Hong, Hendrikje Nienborg, Kae Nakamura, Okihide Hikosaka and Ralf Haefner.  

Second place finisher Proud Snail Hunters include (from l) Patricia Zerfas, Christiam Camacho, Christopher Lanczycki, Kathi Canese and Greg Schuler. Third place finisher Bolting Electrons are (from l) Tracy Laabs, Adam Bennett, Nadia Bouhzam, Rachid Sougrat, Sriram Subramaniam and Jeff Lengyel.

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