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NIH Record  
Vol. LVIII, No. 4
February 24, 2006
A Cuddle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
NHGRI, NIEHS Take 'Major Step Forward' for Medicine
Brodsky To Give Annual Pittman Lecture, Mar. 1
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Common Myths, Misconceptions Addressed
Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Explored In Depth at STEP Forum
  Dr. Alan Zametkin spoke at the
recent STEP forum on attention
deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
At age 5, Molly began keeping a secret about herself that she really didn't believe. Sure, she and her family, and even her teacher, had seen the signs. And yes, she often could feel her schoolwork suffer. But despite the fact — and in large measure, because — her father was a pro at identifying the symptoms in other children, Molly refused for years to accept what adults in her life were saying about her.

2007 Budget Even with FY 2006
President Bush's budget request for NIH in fiscal year 2007, announced Feb. 6, totals $28.587 billion, the same budget level as FY 2006.

Viewed in perspective, the FY 06 budget itself was notable as the first time since 1970 that NIH had a reduction in dollars relative to the year before. The bottom line for FY 06 stands at about $60 million below that of FY 2005.

The FY 2007 President's request is therefore 0.2 percent below FY 05 and equal to FY 06.