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NIH Record  
Vol. LVIII, No. 5
March 10, 2006
NIH Community Orchestra To Celebrate 10th Anniversary
Health Beat TV Reporters Visit NIH
New Performance Management Appraisal Program To Debut in June
NCRR To Track Developments in Clinical Research Informatics
Johnson Motivates Students to Prepare for Research Careers
NEI's VISION Network Reaches the Public
Zerhouni Leads NIH Visit to North Africa
Knowledge Management Symposium Draws Interest
Dock Management Services Found Effective
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Noel Spearheads Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
  Dr. Pierre Noel
To reach the office of the chief of hematology in the Clinical Center's department of laboratory medicine, you trek across the clin path lab, a unit the size of a football field where warrens of scientists, clinicians and techs emit a modulated hum. This vibrant hive has the buzz of continuous progress, and so it's fitting that it holds the office of Dr. Pierre Noel.

Noel is not only chief of hematology, he's also advisor on weapons of mass destruction, disaster planning and biodefense while he serves, concurrently, as flight surgeon in the Air Force Special Operations Command. While it may seem heroic to add even a straw to all that, he recently accepted a leadership role in NIH's influenza pandemic continuity of operations planning team.

Forensics, She Wrote
NLM Exhibit Opening a Smash with Students
  Local high school students view
an autopsy training film.
"Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body," a stunning exhibition now at the National Library of Medicine, traces the history and science of forensic medicine from its 17th century origins to state-of-the-art relevance. Catching the fire and the excitement of television's CSI, The X-Files, and Profiler — minus the gore and commercials — "Visible Proofs" draws attention directly to the science, where the real excitement always was to begin with.