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Vol. LVIII, No. 6
March 24, 2006

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The Demise of Bldg. 36

Bldg. 36 is being munched, crunched and disassembled in a demolition process that began in February and should wrap up by September. In the initial phase, the structure is being nibbled at, but "mass demolition" is expected by May, according to the Office of Research Facilities. The gradual dismemberment is intended to minimize dust, debris and other environmental impact. The project is part of phase II of the Porter Neuroscience Research Center, which is to comprise 600,000 gross square feet of space on the sites of former Bldgs. 35 and 36. The ORF web page says phase I is complete and occupied, representing 45 percent of the whole project. "Phase II will complete the project with the addition of approximately 315,000 gross square feet of laboratories, a rodent vivarium, meeting spaces and an atrium circulation space," ORF noted. The phase I architect has withdrawn from the project and a replacement architect is being sought. The Porter Center houses scientists from NINDS.


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