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Vol. LVIII, No. 8
April 21, 2006

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NIAMS at 20

“To be stewards of a biological research enterprise that affects the health of millions of Americans is a tremendous responsibility.” —
Dr. Stephen I. Katz, director, NIAMS

Virtually every household in America is affected in some way by diseases of the bones, joints, muscles and skin — diseases that are the mission areas of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

As NIAMS observes its 20th anniversary, we celebrate many research advances that have led to a greater understanding of these diseases and, in many cases, improved quality of life for the millions of Americans affected by them. As director of the institute, I am proud to have had a part in these advances. Yet there is still much work to be done — research that will both further our understanding of these diseases and translate this knowledge into better therapies for those affected now and preventive measures for those at risk.

During this anniversary year, we'd like for you to get to know us better. Over the coming months, you'll be reading brief vignettes on these pages about some of the advances we've made, the avenues we're pursuing and some of the people and partnerships that are making all of this possible now and as we enter our third decade. We look forward to sharing the many facets and voices of NIAMS with you!